Trending Job Types in Singapore


If you are a fresh graduate that currently living in Singapore or living in other country and planning to work in Singapore, the first thing you must know is what are the in-demand or trending jobs in Singapore so that you have the idea what are those in-demand jobs that suitable for you.

Here are some trending job types in Singapore:

Data Analysts

1. Data Analysts

This type of job is not only in-demand in Singapore but it is also in-demand all over the world. Having a strong data analysis skill is very important for the companies and businesses specially for gathering data about sales report, market statistics, and they are also responsible for helping the management in decision making for the company.

IT Skills

2. IT Skills

We all know that we are now in the modern age where technology really matters in our daily lives and because of the fast growing companies and businesses in Singapore, that’s why they need web designer, programmer, computer software and hardware specialists, and some IT services.

Cybersecurity specialist

3. Cyber Security Specialist

Companies and banks are really needed this kind of expertise to protect their important information stored on their computers which might be at high risk on cyber attack, cyber theft, and malicious malwares.

Healthcare Workers

4. Healthcare Workers

With the rapid increase of ageing population in Singapore, by 2020 they will need additional 30,000 health workers to take care the aged people in the near future.


5. Engineers

The government of Singapore are creating mega projects like new terminals, airports, MRT lines, and some building structures that’s why they are offering a higher salaries for the engineers to attract high skilled engineers for the government projects. Estimated that the Singapore needs additional 1,000 engineers to achieve their goals.

6. Hotel Operation Professionals

Tourist arrivals in Singapore are increasing every year that’s why hotel accomodation and job opportunities in hotel are also in-demand.


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