Valentine’s Day Flowers in Singapore

Valentine’s Day – it’s that special time of the year when love is in the air, and what better way to express it than with flowers? This lovely tradition isn’t new – it has roots that go way back, especially in the Victorian Era. Back then, people used a floral language, called “floriography,” to secretly express their emotions because openly talking about feelings wasn’t always allowed. Each flower had its own secret meaning, allowing people to communicate silently through their flowers. This charming way of using flowers to share emotions has lasted through the ages, making our modern Valentine’s Day celebrations rich with unspoken affection expressed through beautiful blooms.

Different Flowers for Valentine’s Day and Their Meanings

Each type of flower comes with its unique significance and message, extending far beyond mere beauty. As we explore various floral options for Valentine’s Day, understanding the distinct meanings behind each one allows us to select bouquets that communicate our emotions with eloquence and sincerity. Let’s delve into understanding these flowers, ensuring that the bouquets we choose speak volumes in the tender language of floriography.

1. Roses

Often hailed as the epitome of love and romance, rose bouquets have long been associated with deep emotions and admiration. Red roses are synonymous with love, passion, and respect, whereas yellow roses symbolise friendship and joy. White roses traditionally convey purity and new beginnings, making them a popular choice for weddings, while pink roses can express gratitude and admiration.

2. Tulips

A popular choice for expressing love as well, tulips convey a message of perfect, enduring love between partners or family members. Red tulips are most strongly associated with true love, while purple symbolises royalty. Yellow tulips, once linked with hopeless love, have evolved to signify cheerful thoughts and sunshine in modern interpretations.

3. Lilies

In the context of love and relationships, lilies embody various meanings based on their colour. White lilies represent purity and commitment, orange lilies convey passion, and pink suggests prosperity and abundance.

Whether you opt for a classic, single-variety rose bouquet that resonates with timeless romantic tradition, or a mixed arrangement which mingles varied sentiments from different flowers, each choice becomes a poignant message that speaks to the heart.

Modern Ways to Keep Valentine’s Day Flowers Alive

In our busy lives, we sometimes miss the opportunity to meet our loved ones face-to-face. But distance or time shouldn’t be a barrier to expressing love, especially on Valentine’s Day. With the ease of online flower delivery in Singapore, you can bridge the distance. A few clicks and your feelings are on their way, wrapped up in petals. To top it off, add a box of chocolates, a handwritten note, or even a cute teddy bear. These little add-ons can make your bouquet even more memorable. Valentine’s Day is all about expressing love. And while there are countless ways to do it, sending Valentine’s Day flowers remains one of the most genuine and heartfelt. So, this Valentine’s Day, let the flowers do the talking. Because sometimes, love is best expressed in blooms.


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