What Is Human Resource Management

HR management
What is human resource management meant?
Organizations and companies consider people as something that has to be managed in order to keep developing.
Human resource management vendors can be used as a new name for the old management activity called personal management, but also it represents certain approach when it comes to managing the most valuable resource – people.
Human resource management goal is to provide that organization is build by adequate and competent people in order to seize the human resource as much as possible.
Accent is on developing policy and procedures of managing processes at the first place.
Individual and social aspect of people, decisions and actions that making and supporting competency are also part of human resource management.
HRM includes vision, strategy, flexibility, norms, values and believes.
Managing human resources is like perpetuum mobile, it is never ending process and it’s main activities are planning, recruiting, selection, introduction in working environment, training, valuation, promotion and so many more.
Good manager is part of the employees progress, he takes care of their improvements and help them achieve higher goals.
Managing human resources uses 4C model (competence, commitment, congruence and cost effectiveness) to answer to the questions like: How much are the workers competitive for the work they are assigned for, committed to organization, are the employees goals congruent with the organization goals and is everything effective in relation to its cost.
Every organization has material, financial and most important – human resources.
Employees have potential which has to be guided, stimulated and used in addition for organization to develop and improve.
HR manager has to get to know his employees, to be familiar with their knowledge and motives so they can be coordinated and pointed to achieve company’s goals.
Today, all of the resources are limited, except for one – human potential and that is the reason why human resource management is of great importance.


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